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Tommy Tafoya


 Tommy is a internationally published makeup artist and painter with a passion for beauty, art, and color. His work has been seen in Vogue, ELLE Italia, L'AMOUR, Vanguard, Worldwide Magazine, Tribeca Film Festival, NYFW, Playbill, as well as in collaboration with many other artists and celebrities. He is known for beautiful skin treatments, creative makeup as an extension of fashion styling, and

accenting natural beauty looks with engaging color stories and innovative ideas.


Growing up in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and New York City brings a well balanced, yet eccentric  point of view on what beauty can look like. His looks are refined, clean, bold and loud, art centric and argumentative. 


Tommy is also the beauty editor at Printboy magazine, a digital magazine focusing on queer culture. He also often contributes and reviews for


Creating works for fashion, music videos, moving images, album and magazine covers are a primary focus.

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